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Fox Drive

The FOX DRIVE is a crystal clear and transparent overdrive, designed to enhance the mix between guitar, amplifier and the guitarist's touch. It is completely designed with JFET so as to have a dynamism, a warm sound and an attack reminiscent of a tube head. The pedal features the 3 classic gain, tone and volume potentiometers; simple, but at the same time effective. In its compactness (only 8 cm), there is also a boost to increase the signal gain in times of need.



GAIN: This knob sets the signal amplification gain. Turning it clockwise increases distortion and volume dramatically.

TONE: By setting the knob to the center, the pedal will have a "flat" response, without affecting the sound. Turning it counterclockwise will emphasize the lows, vice versa the highs.

VOLUME: This knob sets the pedal output level. When set fully counterclockwise, the pedal produces no sound.

RIGHT FOOTSWITCH: When the pedal is pressed it is activated, otherwise it is in truebypass mode.

LEFT FOOTSWITCH: When pressed, 20dB boost is activated on the signal.

RIGHT LED: When the Right Footswitch is pressed to activate the pedal, the LED lights up.

LEFT LED: When the left footswitch is pressed to activate the boost, the LED lights up.

9 V POWER JACK: This is the power connector. The power supply to be used must guarantee 9 V and must have a negative central pole.

TECHNICAL DETAILS                                                                                                                                                               

Dimensions: 8.3* 8.5* 5.2 cm

Weight: c.a. 185 g

Consumption a.c. 7 mA

PRICE 180 €

without shipping or other customization

Fox Drive

Like all Black Kat pedals, you can customize your pedal as you prefer: color, knobs and any dedications.


There is no limit to the imagination!

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