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Queen Wasp Drive

Wasp Drive
Wasp Drive

The Queen Wasp Drive is the first double overdrive from Black Kat Devices that manages to handle all the needs of the musician.

Two Wasp Drives in one, which can be activated individually, but with less and less space occupied.

The combinations and uses can be multiple, without ever giving up that characteristic sound derived from the Wasp Drive.

Unlike the Wasp Drive, the Queen has the "FAT" and "+" controls internally, via dipswitches, so as to maintain a compact size and an out-of-the-ordinary personalization of its sound!




GAIN: This knob sets the amplification gain of the signal. Halfway it keeps the signal very clean, while, if it is set at 3 o'clock, you reach a full-bodied crunch.

HI CUT: This knob manages the tone control; at minimum there is an emphasis of the medium / high frequencies, bringing it to the right, these will be lowered.

VOLUME: This knob sets the output level of the pedal. If set fully counterclockwise, the pedal will not produce any sound.

RIGHT FOOTSWITCH: When it is pressed, the pedal commands No. 1 are activated, otherwise it is in truebypass mode: if the 2nd channel is already active, the No. 1 pedal will manage the sound before the No. 2 pedal.

LEFT FOOTSWITCH: When it is pressed, the pedal commands No. 2 are activated, otherwise it is in truebypass mode: if the 1st channel is already active, the pedal No. 2 will manage the sound after the pedal No. 1.

RIGHT LED: When the right footswitch is pressed, the led lights up.

LEFT LED: When the left footswitch is pressed, the LED lights up.

9 V POWER JACK: This is the power connector. The power supply to be used must guarantee 9 or 12 V and must have a negative central pole.

By removing the cover, inside the pedal there are dipswitches to manage the "+", "FAT" and "CLIP" controls of the individual pedals.

FAT: If active, changes the cut frequency of the tone control, increasing the presence of low frequencies of the relevant pedal. 

+: If active, the signal is amplified by 10 of the channel pedal.

CLIP: Disabling deletes the operational clipping diodes, thereby increasing the dynamics and volume of its channel.

P.S.: in some combinations (e.g. Hi cut at 0, no clipping on both channels, high gain and high volumes) the pedal could generate an internal self-oscillation.

TECHNICAL DETAILS                                                                                                                                                               

Dimensions: 9.5 * 8 * 5.5 cm

Weight: c.a. 230 g

Consumption a.c. 18 mA

PRICE 250 €

without shipping or other customization

Wasp Drive

Like all Black Kat pedals, you can customize your pedal as you prefer: color, knobs and any dedications.


There is no limit to the imagination!

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