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Gorilla Compressor

Gorilla Compressor

The Gorilla Compressor differs from other pedal compressors for its particularity of sound management: unlike its cousins, the signal management is not carried out with feedback, that is to take the signal at the end and bring it back to the beginning, and then compress it, but it's all handled by the signal itself! This allows you to have excellent control over the intervention time and the possibility of having different sounds. According to the settings set, the sound level is transformed into a controller of an operational that manages the compression.

Everything is mixed through the blend potentiometer, with the input signal to never lose that brilliance that is acquired in the chain of sounds. After the volume potentiometer, the signal is picked up by an operational that manages the 10 LEDs of the VU Meter, which light up increasingly, based on how high the signal is (the eye wants its part too!)





THRESOLD: This control sets the compressor intervention threshold: by setting it to the right, the compressor will intervene with lower signal levels. ATTACK: This knob sets the compression intervention time which can vary from 4 to 22 ms. By setting the knob to the right, the intervention time is at a minimum.

BLEND: This knob adds the compressed signal to the clean signal. Setting it to the left adds all the compressed signal.

VOLUME: This knob sets the pedal output level. When set fully counterclockwise, the pedal produces no sound.

VU METER: These LEDs indicate the intensity of the signal after the volume potentiometer.

FOOTSWITCH: When the pedal is pressed it is activated, otherwise it is in truebypass mode.

LED: When the footswitch is pressed to activate the pedal, the LED lights up.

9-12V POWER JACK: This is the power connector. The power supply to be used must guarantee 9 or 12 V and must have a negative central pole.



Size: 10.2 * 7.7 * 5cm

Weight: approx. 185 g

Consumption AC 35 mA with all LEDs on

PRICE 160 €

without shipping or other customization

Gorilla Compressor

Like all Black Kat pedals, you can customize your pedal as you prefer: color, knobs and any dedications.


There is no limit to the imagination!

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