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  Lion Distorsion

Lion Distorsion

The Lion Distorsion is a pedal designed to be versatile and powerful at the same time. Thanks to its mid and bass controls, the two gains related to the two footswitches, three clipping options and the management of the highs, you can shape your sound easily. Whether it's Rock, Hard Rock, Metal or Heavy, the Lion Distorsion is perfectly positioned in these types of sounds.






B (BASS): This control manages the boost or cut of frequencies around 80 Hz.

M (MID): This knob sets the cut of mid frequencies from 150 to 2KHz.

R (ROAR): The Roar control was designed to simulate a lion roar. It manages the cutting of high frequencies (from 2KHz to 30KHz), but at the same time the output volume is also modulated.

G (GAIN): This knob sets the signal amplification gain. Up to half it keeps the signal very clean, while, if it is set at 3 o'clock, it reaches a full-bodied crunch, typical of hard rock sound.

II (SECOND GAIN): The knob turns on only when the Left Footswitch is turned on. When active, another gain stage is added to the circuitry. Thanks to this control, Heavy Metal distortions can be achieved.

V (VOLUME): This knob sets the pedal output level. When set fully counterclockwise, the pedal produces no sound.

C (CLIPPING): The selector allows the choice of the clipping of the final stage of the pedal. There are three choices:

                    - positioned upwards - SILICON

                    - positioned in the center - NO CLIPPING

                    - positioned downwards - GERMANIO

F (FILTER): If the filter is set upwards, it changes the management of the averages, making the sound softer.

RIGHT FOOTSWITCH : When the pedal is pressed it is activated, otherwise it is in truebypass mode.

LEFT FOOTSWITCH : When pressed, another gain stage is added, which can be managed via potentiometer II.

RIGHT LED : When the Right Footswitch is pressed to activate the pedal, the LED lights up.

LEFT LED : When the left footswitch is pressed, the LED lights up.

9-12V POWER JACK: This is the power connector. The power supply to be used must guarantee 9 or 12 V and must have a negative central pole.



Size: 100 * 10.4 *5.6  cm

Weight: about 260 g

Consumption approx 15 mA

PRICE 220 €

without shipping or other customization

Lion Distorsion

Like all Black Kat pedals, you can customize your pedal as you prefer: color, knobs and any dedications.


There is no limit to the imagination!

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