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Battery Socket

Battery Socket

The Battery Socket is a device where it is possible to insert an external 9 V battery and, via the present connector, it can power a pedal, without using a power supply. It is equipped with a sliding door for quick replacement of a flat battery.

Indispensable for those who use one or a few pedals, thus avoiding noises resulting from poor-quality power supplies and unnecessary weights.

A version with the integration of battery charge verification is available.

Battery Socket price: €20

Battery Socket price with charge indication: €60

Lion Distorsion
Battery Socket



The Lynx is an essential accessory for those who need to connect pedals to one point in the effects chain, without having to dismantle all the wiring. It connects between two pedals, via the IN and OUT connectors and, without connecting anything else, it turns out to be a bypass.

By connecting a special "Y" jack cable to the CTRL connector, the pedals connected to it are inserted between IN and OUT. Fundamental for those who have a pedalboard with distortions and external situational environment pedals, which will only be connected if necessary. ​


Lynx price: €50

Lynx price + "Y" cable: €65

Manuale Lynx

Custom Pedals

Geko Fuzz
Comp Wave
DI custom

We create tailor-made pedals with ad hoc customizations and for all needs.

Write to us to get your personalized pedal!

Black Kat Devices
Metal Pedals

Metal Pedal
Metal pedal

Have you fallen in love with our pedals, but don't like 3D printing?

Well, this is the solution for you!

Same circuit and components as our projects, but with a metal case!

Tool 3d

Supporto chitarra

We create custom tools and pickguards for all types of guitars!

Contact us to request your customization!

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